PlusOne Accelerated Master’s Program

Earn your Master's in Criminal Justice in one semester!

The PlusOne Accelerated Master’s Program provides students with the opportunity to start earning a master’s degree while pursuing undergraduate education. Northeastern undergraduates of any major can complete up to 16 graduate credits during their junior and senior years and apply those credits toward both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree.

Preparing for PlusOne

Before applying, students must have completed 64 semester hours of undergraduate credit. Students are also encouraged to take the following undergraduate courses to facilitate success in the PlusOne Program:

Program Outline

Upon admission, students take two of the required master’s courses and two elective courses while an undergraduate. Students then complete the two remaining required courses and two additional electives as a master’s student. All required courses and several elective courses are also offered online to provide additional flexibility.

How to Apply

To ensure successful enrollment, interested students should begin planning their PlusOne experience prior to their junior year. Please visit the CSSH PlusOne website for application and eligibility information. For tuition information, visit Student Financial Services.

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