Open Sessions

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The sessions listed below are open to abstract submissions. Please follow the session organizer’s instructions for submitting your abstract and note the session that you wish to be affiliated with (including session number) when you submit your abstract here.

Dialogue/Roundtable sessions

101. Active Stakeholder Engagement: Exploring non-financial pathways to invite more people to engage with the energy system transition

102. Innovative Business Models to Promote Sustainable Consumption

105. Flight-free vacation practices

106. (Fast) fashion consumption in affluent cities of the world: debating environmental and social justice issues

112. Degrowth in Movement(s): Exploring pathways for transformation

113. Degrowth and Technology

115. We need to talk about efficiency: Jevons, degrowth, and waste

119. Sustainable consumption in the Global South: Lessons from Brazil

124. Lifestyles, morality and the climate crisis

125. Feminist Decolonial Degrowth

126. Will alternative business models in the clothing industry stimulate sustainable consumption practices and well-being?

130. Sustainable consumption: how to address harmful consumption in cities

132. Teaching Sustainable Consumption: Sparking Learning for Change?

133. Deliberating Needs in Sustainable Consumption Practice

134. Sustainable consumption and care: which possibilities for research?

135. Communicating Sustainable consumption and lifestyles

136. SCORAI Strategy Session

Full Paper Sessions

103. The ways forward?

104. Accountability, governance, and sustainable consumption

107. Citizen engagement: methods and strategies to enable transitions from awareness to action

109. Regenerative Eco-Innovation for the Sustainable Development Goals

110. The Circular Economy and Buildings

111. Moving towards radical ideas of sustainable consumption – how do we get there?

114. Degrowth, sustainable consumption, and justice in an urbanizing world

116. Critical reflections on citizens in the Circular Economy

117. Retrofitting suburbs and building sustainable and just communities

118. Academic and practitioner perspectives exploring new business models to support sustainable consumption practices: the case of home furnishings

120. Critical approaches to studying sustainable consumption

122. Ethical Consumerism And Its Discontents

137. Visioning and Scenarios for Sustainable Consumption, Sustainable Lifestyles, and Degrowth-Sufficiency

138. SCP Action Plans – How to address SDG 12.1 on international, national, state, and local level