Aeverie Polintan
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My Story

Aeverie came to Northeastern after being drawn to its emphasis on experiential learning. Her experience studying Politics, Philosophy, and Economics has prepared her for the future not only with the knowledge and skills that she has gained from classes and experiential learning opportunities, but through facilitating her growth as an individual and awareness of what is happening in the world around her.

My Path
Why Northeastern? Why Politics, Philosophy, and Economics?

During her college search, Aeverie was looking for a university that would not limit where she learns and would allow her to put into practice what she was learning in the classroom. This is exactly what she found at Northeastern with the rigor of classes, dialogues, study abroad, and signature co-op program. Aeverie chose to study Politics, Philosophy, and Economics because she wanted an interdisciplinary experience.

Aeverie studying abroad at the University of Cambridge
Transformative Coursework

PHIL 2301 – Philosophical Problems of Law and Justice with Professor Candice Delmas. Aeverie enjoyed this course because it incorporated contemporary issues and current legal cases with legal theory. She also appreciated its student-driven and engaging approach to learning.

PHIL 2325 – Ancient Philosophy and Political Thought with Professor Jacob Stump. This class stood out to Aeverie because it pushed her to view philosophy through the lens of her own life experiences. Professor Stump encouraged students to treat philosophy not only as a way to equip them with skills, but also as a way of life.

POLS 2282 – The Holocaust and Comparative Genocide with Professor Natalie Bormann. This course had a significant impact on Aeverie’s college experience through challenging her to thoughtfully evaluate her own views and to wrestle with difficult moral and ethical issues. The class also catalyzed her senior capstone project.

Aeverie visiting the Greek Parliament while on co-op in Athens
Co-op Experiences

Aeverie’s first co-op was with the Associates for International Research Inc (AIRINC) in Boston as an analyst in their housing and international relocations department. Her co-op was focused on the quantitative side of research. Though she learned a lot of transferable skills, it was more useful in helping her figure out what she wanted to do moving forward, as well as what she did not want to do.

Her second co-op was with the Human Rights department of the Greek Ombudsman in Athens in a research role. This co-op had a deep impact on Aeverie as she was able to see the real consequences of policies designed at the highest levels of government. She also met individuals whose passion in safeguarding the human rights of every individual inspired her to pursue the same path. Her time in Athens influenced her decision to pursue a career in international human rights law.

Capstone and Research Involvement

Aeverie’s capstone research revolves around the question of justice after cases of genocide. This research question was sparked by her Comparative Genocide class, but also has roots from her class on the Philosophical Problems of Law and Justice. Her past experiences working and studying at international intergovernmental institutions such as the UN and the EU have had a huge influence on her research as well. Aeverie is currently preparing to present her capstone project at the CSSH Undergraduate Research Forum.

Campus and Community Engagement

Aeverie engages with the Boston community through volunteering at local organizations. She has volunteered at the Action for Boston Community Development and has served as a volunteer judge at the Boston Debate League, a debating organization for middle and high school students in Boston.

Aeverie is also involved on campus as a member of the International Relations Council (IRC) where she competes and engages with other universities in simulating the workings of international organizations. She has served as an ambassador and peer mentor in the College of Social Sciences and Humanities, and as a peer adviser for the Global Experience Office where she helps student embark on their own global experiences.

Aeverie with her peers during an Alternative Spring Break trip to Chicago
Aeverie touring Greece while on co-op in Athens
Next Steps

After graduating from Northeastern, Aeverie plans to go to law school and eventually pursue a career in the field of international human rights and criminal law. The experiential aspect of Aeverie’s Northeastern education has ensured that she will be entering the real world after graduation with the ability to apply the knowledge that she has gained to real life situations.

“My advice to other students is to make your Northeastern education distinctly yours.”