Akshat Dhankher
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My Story

Akshat is currently pursuing a combined degree in Computer Science and Economics, with a minor in International Affairs. He paved a unique pathway at Northeastern through his interdisciplinary coursework, co-op experiences, and involvement with political and international relations groups both on campus and in the community.

My Path
Why Computer Science and Economics?

Akshat was interested in a variety of fields when he was applying to colleges, so he knew he wanted to attend a school that would offer him the flexibility to have an interdisciplinary education. Northeastern aligned with Akshat’s criteria and he entered as a Computer Science major. He was fascinated by the technical knowledge he was gaining in his Computer Science courses but felt like there was something missing in terms of developing stronger qualitative thinking and analytical skills. As a result, he added Economics as a combined major.

Transformative Coursework

ECON 5291 – Applied Development with Professor Bilge Erten. Akshat found this course interesting because it combined his interests in global economics and international relations, and it shaped his later coursework through inspiring him to study international economics at the London School of Economics in Summer 2019.

POLS 3409 – Global Governance with Professor Denise Garcia. Akshat enjoyed this course’s focus on studying current issues of global governance and learning to frame global governance in a way that it could be applied to many different contexts. One of the many projects Akshat completed in the course was researching the Syrian refugee crisis as a global governance issue, to which he was able to apply knowledge he had gained from working with the International Relations Council.

International Relations Council

Akshat joined the International Relations Council (IRC) in Spring 2017 and has been deeply involved ever since. As a member of the group, Akshat competes in Model UN competitions, engages in discourse with students on public policy and international relations issues, and develops sustainable policy-oriented solutions. His experience as a member, Vice President, and President of the IRC sparked his decision to add International Relations as a minor and pursue it as a professional career.

Co-op Experiences

Akshat completed his first co-op in Fall 2018 as a Technology Consultant at Endeavor Partners, a technology consulting firm that helps companies with their digital strategy. Akshat conducted research on digital technology industry trends, drafted technical and public interest reports, and supported clients with business development. Though he gained important interpersonal and management skills, he realized that he wanted to focus more on international relations for his next co-op.

Akshat’s second co-op was in Fall 2019 as a Policy and Government Affairs Assistant at BritishAmerican Business, which functions as the chamber of commerce in the United Kingdom. Akshat’s co-op experience was very interactive as he attended high-level meetings with businesses and government offices, wrote and published a paper on combating foreign interferences in elections, and generally learned more about the mechanics of policy work.

Campus and Community Engagement

Through his work on the International Relations Council, Akshat started volunteering with the United Nations Association of Greater Boston, an organization that supports global education for middle and high school students. Akshat volunteered at Lawrence High School and Milton Academy where he taught lessons on the different aspects and functions of the United Nations and ran public speaking workshops.

After serving as the Secretary General for the Northeast Regional Model Arab League Conference, Akshat wanted to write an article about his experience so he got involved with the Northeastern University Political Review (NUPR). He wrote and published an article on the ongoing diplomatic crisis in Qatar, and then became a magazine editor for NUPR. In this role, he guides other politically minded students through the editing process and helps them drive discourse on issues that matter to them.

Next Steps

Akshat will graduate from Northeastern in May 2021. After graduation, he plans to pursue a career in either foreign or domestic policy and is also considering applying to graduate programs. Akshat’s long-term goal is to utilize the knowledge and experience he gained at Northeastern to making a real impact in the world of diplomacy and public policy.

“Envision what kind of pathway you want and go out and create it for yourself.”