Anne Pinkham
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My Story

Anne Pinkham is a fourth year international affairs and political science combined major, with minors in social entrepreneurship and women’s, gender, and sexuality studies. While at Northeastern, she has completed two co-ops, one at Bridge International Academies in Cambridge, MA and the other at Pricewaterhouse Coopers in Frankfurt, Germany. On campus, she also serves as the cohort coordinator of Strong Women, Strong Girls and the mentorship coordinator of buildOn.

My Path
Entrance to the United Nations Office in Geneva, Switzerland. Anne is second from the left.
Why Political Science and International Affairs?

“My favorite thing about the International Affairs Program is that you can really take ownership of your degree and turn it into exactly what you want it to be. Because the field is so interdisciplinary, it is easy to explore and try new things. I started off just as an international affairs major, but as I expanded my coursework and found interests in other more specific areas it wasn’t difficult to fit everything together and really tailor my degree towards my specific passions.”

Transformative Coursework

ENTR 2206: Global Social Enterprise with Professor Dennis Shaughnessy

“This course completely reshaped the way I thought about not only poverty, but people. It opened my eyes to a lot of concepts that I feel truly have the power to change the world. It also allowed me to join the Social Enterprise Institute (SEI) Field Research Dialogue of Civilizations in Cape Town and actually apply those concepts to real people in real situations, which ended up being a totally transformative experience in itself.”

POLS 4937: World Politics and International Law through the United Nations with Professor Denise Garcia

“This was one of the two courses I took while on a Dialogue of Civilizations in Geneva, and it was a really incredible opportunity to learn about these topics at the place where they actually happen. It also helped shape my path in a bit of an unexpected way, as it made me realize that my strengths and passions are much better suited for working in partnership, but outside of the traditional institutions of diplomacy.”

AFRS/INTL 1185: Gender in the Africa Diaspora with Professor Robin Chandler

“I’ve only started this course as of the Spring 2017 semester, but I have already learned so much. I think one of the measures of a really good class is if it challenges you to think critically about your own way of thinking and viewing the world.”

Giving Back to the Boston Community

According to Anne, the most important part of her college experience is her involvement with the mentoring organization Strong Women, Strong Girls (SWSG). She joined SWSG her first semester as a mentor for 3rd-5th grade girls in the Greater Boston Area.

“I’ve learned more about myself, my community, and the world as a whole through mentoring than I have in any classroom. SWSG was perfect for me because it focused on women’s empowerment and youth engagement, but it also helped me realize that my community in Boston extends far beyond Huntington Ave, which is an invaluable lesson for any Northeastern student.”

Abroad in London

Anne spent the fall of her third year in London as a Hansard Scholar, where she took classes at the London School of Economics and Political Science, interned with a Baroness in the House of Lords, and wrote her very first dissertation. It was a jam-packed semester that allowed her to experience a wide variety of new things – living in a foreign country, working in a government, and conducting her own research. Ultimately, it helped her to form a foundation of understanding and to build a network in one of her main areas of interest – women’s political empowerment.

In London as a Hansard Scholar
Research on Campus

Since the Fall 2015 semester, Anne has been working as a research assistant for Professor Kathrin Zippel in the sociology department on her many projects about gender discourse in global science higher education.

“Through this, I’ve learned a great deal about research methods, qualitative data analysis, and the many ways in which policy creation can impact institutions, communities, and individuals. My work has also allowed me to engage with the faculty of other disciplines within the university, which has been a really exciting opportunity.”

This was Anne's Northeastern Pathway... Where will yours lead?
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