Anthony Collins
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My Story

Anthony grew up in California, but when the time came to choose a college, Boston’s black history and culture encouraged him to move across the country to earn his bachelor’s degree in African American Studies. Furthermore, Anthony chose Northeastern University so that he could integrate experiential learning opportunities, such as co-op, with his academic studies.

Here is his Northeastern story…

My Path
Anthony spending time in the department's study area for students
Why African American Studies?

Anthony hopes to practice law after school and wanted to first immerse himself in a major that would allow him to further study the African-American community and provide him with the knowledge and resources he’d need to create the changes he wants to see in the world.

“I chose to a major that would help point me in a direction in [the law] field, which would allow me to find passion.”

“Boston is home to a large amount of black history and culture and I felt as though any experience I would gain through the college would be enhanced by my surroundings.”

Transformational Coursework

AFAM 1140 “Introduction to African-American History”
Anthony’s favorite subject is African-American history and he loved the course he took with Robert L. Hall, Professor Emeritus.

AFRS 1185 “Gender in the African Diaspora”
“Gender in the African Diaspora” with Professor Robin Chandler challenged Anthony during his freshman year, as he proved to himself that he could successfully complete a large scale project on women in the Black Panther Party.


Northeastern students participate in class discussion

“[In Robin Chandler’s “Gender in the African Diaspora” course] I wrote about women in the Black Panther Party…[it] opened my eyes to many of the gender disparities…and it fully affirmed my belief in the necessity of inter-sectional feminism. Furthermore, in my own personal life, it was an incredible confidence boost. Just being able to finish a task that seemed so daunting at the start was such a relief and it truly made me more confident in my ability to complete difficult tasks that I set out to accomplish.”

Anthony and Congressman Stephen F. Lynch in front of the Capitol Building
Cooperative Experiences

Anthony has participated in two co-op programs.

In the 2016 Spring and Summer semesters, worked with the CHOICE Program in Roxbury, MA, where he was given many of the responsibilities that a probation officer would have. He was able to help probationers get into programs and receive treatment. He even helped to save the program from potentially being shut down.

During the 2017 Spring semester, Anthony began his second co-op, working for Congressman Stephen F. Lynch in the United States House of Representatives. Anthony noted that his African American studies major influences so many different fields of work that it has allowed him to participate in two very different co-ops and still connect them back to his studies.

“My academic experience and the work I had done within my major helped me look at my co-op and the work I was doing through a very unique lens in which I was being shown many racial disparities, some of which I was given the opportunity to alleviate by nature of the work I was doing.”

This was Anthony's Northeastern Pathway... Where will yours lead?
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