Christian Triunfo
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My Story

When he was looking at universities, Christian Triunfo felt a connection to Boston and its amazing journalists and academics. “This really is a hub,” he says. “Part of what makes Northeastern great is the people. The accessibility to the professors is incredible. When class ends, I can just go up to my professor and have a really great conversation with them. I can go to their office hours and talk to them about anything and establish really nice connections. It’s an opportunity that should really be taken into consideration when looking at any university.”

With its location, people, and co-op program, Northeastern University was a great fit for Christian. His journey at Northeastern began in Fall 2016…

My Path
Photo credit: Melissa Rorech
Why English?

Christian values the depth that English studies bring to reading and writing. He wants to use his NU experience to gain a solid foundation in critical reading, rather than “go in without it and have to bulk it up.” With other students, faculty, and advisors, Christian helped create the combined major in English and Journalism.

“It’s not only about the structure or tone of whatever is provided in a text. It’s important to try to understand what’s being expressed through a bunch of different lenses, a bunch of different contexts, because I think that’s how you get the most out of it.”


“I think English and journalism go hand-in-hand. I wanted to get a really structured education in writing and reporting. In the end, it’s really more than that. I get to read books I wouldn’t be able to read in any other classes. I get to meet professors in both departments. I get to study things I wouldn’t be able to in any single major.”

Transformational Coursework

Christian found Introduction to Literary Studies with Associate Professor of English, Sari Altschuler to be the most impactful class in the major so far.

“Professor Altschuler really solidified that I am happy studying what I’m studying. The class really dove into literary theory which I found I really like, and it was almost entirely based on discussion. That’s something I like about the English department—it isn’t very lecture-heavy. You get to converse with the people you’re in class with.”

“Chris is a wonderful student. His enthusiasm and curiosity are infectious in the classroom,” Professor Altschuler said about Christian, “His deep inquisitiveness about texts, interpersonal interactions, and the world more generally are inspiring for students and professors alike.”

Photo credit: Melissa Rorech
Making Connections

In Introduction to Writing Studies with Professor Mya Poe, Christian gained a long view of the history of literacy. “Chris has brought insightful contributions to class discussions on writing, connecting his interest in Marxist theory with research on community literacy,” says Professor Poe.

“While we are studying the structure of writing, how writing happens, we are inevitably studying the history of this country, the history of how literacy came to be. In journalism, too, in order to understand any situation that’s currently happening, it’s really important to go back and find how that happened, why it started.”

“Chris brings curiosity and enthusiasm as well as his own unique global and bilingual perspectives,” says Christian’s Postcolonial Literature Professor Patrick Mullen. “We even stumbled across a mutual interest in South American novelists, and I am looking forward to setting up a directed study to read Bolaño’s 2666 in Spanish with him.”

Photo credit: Melissa Rorech
NU Experience

Christian now writes for WRBB, Northeastern’s radio station, and has written for other campus publications such as The Huntington News, NUPR, and Tastemakers. He also has experience with recording equipment and photography.

“Whether you are studying journalism or English, it’s important not only to focus on writing and reading. You have to approach [storytelling] in a multimedia sort of way.”


“When studying English at Northeastern, you get to realize that it’s a skill that you can use for a lot of things. It’s a skill that I’ve seen a lot of my friends go into jobs or Co-ops you wouldn’t imagine. … English is incredibly useful right now, and it’s something that shouldn’t be underrated.”

Co-op Experience

Christian’s first co-op was reporting for the State House News Service. 

“I had the chance to publish briefs and stories almost every day, and a few were published by WBUR, The Lowell Sun, Politico, etc. I’m really glad I chose that as my first co-op experience.”

Christian is currently completing a second co-op as a staff writer and music critic for the Living & Arts section of the Boston Globe. He has written for campus publications such as NUPR and Tastemakers, and is also the music director of WRBB 104.9 FM, Northeastern’s student-run radio station. He also served as the city editor and a copy editor of Northeastern’s independent student newspaper, The Huntington News.

This is Christian's NU Pathway...Where will yours lead?

Northeastern Department of English

Photo credit: Adam Glanzman/Northeastern University