Christine Beluk ’16
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My Story

Christine transferred to Northeastern at the beginning of her sophomore year.

“I declared a combined major loving how sociology delved into focusing on societal issues and human services took a proactive approach on solving them.  Taking “Human Services Professions” my first year at Northeastern really propelled me into experiential learning.  The logic being, by studying social problems and attending a university that had so many experiential learning opportunities, I’d be prepared to pursue a career to help alleviate them.”

Christine found her place at Northeastern.

My Path
Service-Learning at Northeastern

While discussing experiential learning with her academic advisor, Christine heard about the Human Services Program. Immediately after, she signed up for the service-learning course, Human Services Professions.”

“And the rest is really history,” Christine recalls. “It was hands down my favorite course all semester and I learned so much being able to volunteer with the nonprofit LIFT.”

Classes that Challenge & Change

“One of my favorite human services service-learning courses is with Rebecca Riccio, “Strategic Philanthropy and Nonprofit Management.” After having the opportunity to work at a nonprofit in the intro HUSV course, it was interesting to explore the policy and challenges organizations face to obtain funds and operate while working as grant-makers.”

Christine with her fellow students on the Human Services Dialogue of Civilizations.

Christine’s peers and mentors in the Human Services Program continually inspired her.

“The people in the Human Services Program are truly exceptional. The faculty, staff, and students are driven by beliefs rooted in social justice and activism. Going to class and collaborating with individuals dedicating their education and lives to strive for the common good is hands down, the most inspiring learning environment. I wanted to be a part of a community that approached complexity with energy, empathy, and a commitment to making the world a better place.”


The coursework Christine completed during her time at Northeastern prepared her to take the next steps.

“Overall, I think the cumulation of the courses a human services student takes provide a critical perspective on social challenges, a sincere sense of empathy, necessary hands on experience, and a network to hit the ground running.”

Forging Her Own Path

Christine had the flexibility in her coursework to focus on what interested her most, while the network she created through her major gave her the support she needed to create her own path.

“My senior year, I was able to create my own class focused around a service-learning project regarding older adult nutrition. I worked with an adviser to develop a syllabus and I connected with a non-profit to conduct a series of focus groups in my community discussing food justice. I don’t think I would have been confident or capable to do all of this if it wasn’t for such a supportive network and thoughtful curriculum in the Human Services Program. The classes are set up for students to become civically engaged during the course of their studies.”

Christine at her internship assignment: Cultivate London.
Christine captured this photo of a "hairy cow" while studying abroad in Edinburgh.
Global Experience Through Northeastern

Human services opened doors that allowed Christine to:

  • Co-op in Cape Town, South Africa working at an environmental social enterprise;
  • Volunteer on an urban farm in London focusing on youth development;
  • Study abroad at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland;
  • Work with student leaders on co-op in the Service-Learning Program at Northeastern; and
  • Travel to Livingstone, Zambia where she worked on a team to execute a month long environmental service-learning experience for individuals from all over the world.
What Now?

As of Summer 2018, Christine is working at New York University as a program administrator for the Alternative Breaks program. She is facilitating meaningful service with students all over the world so they can graduate and become the next group of change makers.

This was Christine's Northeastern Pathway... Where will yours lead?
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