Christopher Ericson
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My Story

While studying political science as an undergraduate student, Christopher developed a strong sense of justice and a drive to make the world a more equitable place. He hopes that his future career will offer him opportunities to protect and restore human rights nationally. In order to work towards that goal, Christopher is currently pursuing an MA in Political Science with a concentration in American Politics.

Here’s his Northeastern story…

My Path
Northeastern University / Mary Knox Merrill
Why Political Science?

Christopher decided to study political science because it provided him with a clear path towards a career that focuses on advocacy, social and political reform, and human rights. It allows him to apply his background in history, economics, sociology, and more. The classes he has taken for his degree in political science have helped him to better understand “big picture” issues that affect Americans, while also looking at the specific and underlying causes of the problem.

Northeastern University stood out to Christopher because, in his words, the Department of Political Science did not passively offer admission, but expressed an enthusiasm about and belief in Christopher.

Transformative Coursework
  • POLS 7251 Congress and Policy
  • POLS 7376 Government and Politics of the Middle East

Northeastern University has given Christopher the opportunity to take courses in American Politics. Particularly enlightening was a quantitatively-focused course on the U.S. Congress, “Congress and Policy” (POLS 7251), with Professor Beauchamp, that challenged his preconceived notions about what the institution and its members do.

Northeastern has also encouraged him to take courses outside of his declared specialization, including a course in Middle Eastern politics with Professor Sullivan  entitled “Government and Politics of the Middle East” (POLS 7376 ). This course introduced Christopher to a region and set of cultures that he was previously unfamiliar with.

Professional Development

Christopher is currently preparing a conference paper analyzing U.S. Senate elections. He is also in the preliminary phases of beginning his master’s thesis, which will likely compare hate speech laws across different states and non-governmental organizations.

When he isn’t studying, Christopher is immersing himself in the vibrant urban culture of Boston.

Northeastern University
Next steps

Christopher is currently considering pursuing his PhD, JD, or both following his graduation, but is looking into first joining the Peace Corps for a two-year engagement. He hopes to one day manage a non-profit organization focused on human rights and would eventually like to move into public service as an elected official.

Northeastern University
This was Christopher’s Pathway... Where will yours lead?