Dodi Feldman
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My Story

Watching shows like Criminal Minds and NCIS piqued Dodi’s interest in the criminal justice field and helped her narrow down what she wanted to study in college.

This is Dodi’s Northeastern story…

“I did not expect working in the field of criminal justice to be as glamorous as on television, but it was something that sparked my interest. At that point in time, I knew that I wanted to go into a profession where I could help others, so working in the criminal justice system was somewhere I could picture myself in the future.”

My Path
Eric Winter/Northeastern University
Why Criminal Justice?

Dodi decided to become a criminal justice student because of the challenging academic environment that allows students to fully explore their career goals both inside and outside the classroom through competitive co-op opportunities.

“Something that I love about Northeastern is that it’s a place where students can create their own educational path and tailor their academic experiences to what they want to take away from college.”

Transformative Coursework

Dodi credits Jean Egan and Krista Larsen with creating environments in their classrooms that allowed students the opportunity to apply life experiences to real world scenarios.

  • CRIM 2100- Criminal Due Process
  • CRIM 2000- Co-op Integration Seminar 1
  • CRIM 3000- Co-op Integration Seminar 2
Dodi with Northeastern President Aoun

“Jean is an irreplaceable mentor, and she truly goes above and beyond for her students. She guided myself and countless other students through the co-op process, and continues to advise me on future career prospects. Jean has taught me to approach situations differently, and I attribute much of my college success to her guidance.”

“In Criminal Due Process, Professor Larsen pushes her students to apply case precedents learned in class to scenarios and think out of the box. Her career as a defense attorney enables her to bring real world experience to the classroom, and provide a challenging educational environment for students. “

Dodi with US Attorney Carmen Ortiz
Cooperative Education in Law Enforcement

During her first co-op, Dodi worked with the United States Attorney’s Office (USAO) in Boston where she interned in the Major Crimes Unit.

“My tasks ranged from preparing legal discovery and transcribing recordings to creating exhibits for upcoming trials. As my co-op progressed I found I was given more responsibility, leading me to eventually prepare discovery letters and fast-track plea agreements. I also frequently ventured downstairs to the Moakley Courthouse courtrooms, where I observed countless court proceedings, including the Boston Marathon Bombing trial in an overflow courtroom.”

Though Dodi enjoyed her time at the USAO, she realized a career in law enforcement was what she wanted. Her second co-op was with the Drug Enforcement Agency in Boston.

“At the DEA, I worked in a Task Force with Detectives from Boston and neighboring cities, observing investigations first-hand. I continued to build my resume by gaining skills in CCTV surveillance, vehicle tracking, and criminal history checks.”

Presenting at the annual SCCJ Co-op Poster Session
Next Steps

In Spring 2017, Dodi enrolled in the PlusOne program, which allowed her to complete a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and then a Master of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice over the course of one extra year of graduate work. Following her master’s, Dodi aspires to work in a law enforcement agency.

Adam Glanzman/Northeastern University
This was Dodi's Northeastern Pathway...Where will yours lead?