Gabriel García
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My Story

As a high schooler, Gabe discovered the value of hands-on experiences as a part of their passion for politics and social justice. Gabe was a leader through their Junior State of America (a civic engagement education club), where they debated, practiced writing and voting on model legislation, and went on to become both their chapter’s president and a member of the national cabinet. Gabe first became interested in Northeastern at a college information session hosted by their high school back home in Los Angeles. They were intrigued by Northeastern’s co-op program.

Gabe was accepted as a political science major. During a CSSH mixer for admitted students in March 2016, Gabe was drawn to the integrated Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE) degree program. They decided to double major in PPE and Communications, with a minor in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, in order to take an interdisciplinary approach to their pursuit of social justice.

My Path
Why minor in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies?

Gabe says that their “passion for feminism informs all other academic interests.”

“I’ve always been interested in feminism. My mother and sister have always been strong female role models, and I come from the LGBTQ community. Studying feminism allows me to understand how specific ways I act would be seen as ‘outside the norm’ if they were stereotypically feminine. I was very involved in my high school’s gender and sexuality club, and I declared my women, gender, and sexualities minor within my first semester at Northeastern. Now, I hope to take my perspective and apply it to reform public health to serve marginalized communities.”  

Gabe (red shirt on the left) organized this Philosophy Club event with Professor Candice Delmas.
Transformative Coursework, Research, and Faculty Relationships

Gabe’s coursework inspired not only strong relationships with professors, but also research opportunities.

Moral Philosophy,” taught by Dr. John Basl, was challenging and rewarding, giving them a strong “framework for thinking about what is right and what is wrong.” Dr. Basl then reached out to Gabe to become a research assistant for the final preparations to publish his book, The Death of the Ethic of Life. you can find Gabe featured in the acknowledgements section!

After taking several upper level courses in Women’s Gender, & Sexuality Studies, Gabe was able to bring their broadened understanding to “Intro to Women’s Studies” with Moya Bailey. They also joined her research into marginalized groups’ use of digital media to promote social justice as acts of self-affirmation and health promotion.

Experiential Learning

For their first co-op, Gabe worked as the Client Development Intern for WilmerHale LLP in the summer and fall of 2018. Their experience solidified their interest in being part of the policy process; in Gabe’s own words, this co-op affirmed that “I want my voice heard.

Gabe (center) with fellow co-ops at the WilmerHale holiday celebration.
Alternative Spring Break

In March 2017, Gabe took part in an alternative spring break trip to New Orleans with Common Ground Relief to explore the impacts of climate change and natural disasters.

For March 2019, Gabe planned a trip to Seattle with Entre Hermanos and various other organizations, focusing on public health and queer folks’ public health outcomes specifically.

As they organized this program, Gabe found that they bring something unique to public health. First, their queer identity allows them to speak to the daily impact that public health has on marginalized groups. Second, their academic background brings a concrete, interdisciplinary approach to the field.

PPE, Communications, and WGS inform how I identify an issue, propose policy, and effectively communicate those objectives and outcomes.

Gabe sits with fellow students on an Alternative Spring Break to aid Community Relief in New Orleans.
Gabe helps run the Northeastern Political Review.
Civic Engagement

Gabe’s passion for civic engagement began early in their teen years, and they’re accustomed to devoting themselves to numerous organizations.

Gabe served as the Director of the Southern Poverty Law Center at Northeastern University Service/Research Project, which is funded by the Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships. They  managed a team that created and taught social justice-oriented lesson plans to Boston-area youth through self-made partnerships with various community organizations. They’re a Civic Engagement Program participant and previously served at Community Servings, a local nonprofit food and nutrition organization.

Gabe is the President of Northeastern University Political Review, President of Philosophy Club, and previously Student Government’s Academic Senator and Assistant Vice President of Student Services.

Next Steps

Gabe has been named a Millennium Fellow and will spend Fall 2019 as part of the United Nations signature campus program. Gabe will then graduate in December 2020, and plan to use their interdisciplinary background and personal perspective to make tangible differences in public health.

While Gabe hopes to stay in the legal arena, they want to utilize their “creativity, innovation, and ability to offer new solutions.” That’s why Gabe now plans to make a difference in public health policy, serving marginalized communities with public health solutions.

Gabe and their Co-Team Leader on their 2019 Alternative Spring Break, which focused on public health advocacy in Seattle.
Gabe and their Alternative Spring Break team at PATH's headquarters in Seattle where they discussed their Malaria Vaccine Initiative.
Gabe wants students to know...

“Throw out your plan, stick with your passion.”

This was Gabe's pathway... where will yours take you?