Juliane Martin ’17
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My Story

Juliane has always had a mind for business, but her heart was focused on public service and giving back to her community. Juliane graduated in May 2017 with a B.S. in Philosophy and a minor in Business Administration.

This is Juliane’s Northeastern story…”



My Path
Why Philosophy?

Juliane declared a philosophy major because she was interested in understanding the ethical and humanitarian factions of business and social entrepreneurship. As a philosophy major, Juliane was able to hone in on her passions and develop the analytical and reasoning abilities that are needed for policymaking and studying law in a more comprehensive way.

Juliane works on her project to help with the housing shortage in Guatemala
Transformative Coursework

Juliane took “Phil 1130 Ethics: East and West “with Professor Jung Lee, which played a pivotal role in her switch to the philosophy major. In this class, Juliane was exposed to guest speakers who opened her eyes to issues with cultural stigmas around the world, access to education, and women’s rights.

One of the most influential courses for Juliane was “Phil 1160 Intro. to Economic Justice” with Professor Serena Parekh. Juliane was inspired by Professor Parekh’s lecture style and her extensive work in the realm of human trafficking and women’s rights. Juliane finished an independent study with Professor Serena Parekh on the intersection between human trafficking and women’s rights.”

N.U.in Greece

Juliane spent her first semester away from Boston in the Northeastern University Greece program. During her time there, she met many unique individuals who believed in the importance of genuine human interaction and support, as well as valued the art of storytelling.  One of the most impactful experiences from her time in Greece was a visit from a Holocaust survivor and his story that he shared with them that day.

“I deeply cherish the opportunity I had to learn history and human stories through first-hand accounts. The program was powerful in its ability to help me understand the difference between experiential learning and learning via textbooks.”

Juliane at her first co-op at the White House
Co-op at the White House

Juliane spent her first cooperative education experience as an intern at the White House. Juliane used this internship as an opportunity to confirm her interests in philosophy and ethics. During her internship, Juliane was able to learn about policy surrounding human rights, women’s rights, and global security issues. During her time at the White House, Juliane worked in the First Lady Michelle Obama’s office and dealt with several issues, ranging from how to get our country healthier to how to address the larger human rights and moral issues that are present in the United States today.

Co-op in Senator Dianne Feinstein's Office

Juliane also was an intern in the U.S. Senate Office of the Honorable Dianne Feinstein. During her time in Senator Feinstein’s office in California, Juliane was able to utilize many of the skills she learned in her philosophy and religion department classes. In addition to studying policy, Juliane also gained critical thinking and communication skills from her classes, along with her previous exposure to policymaking, applied her skills to practical problems. During her time in the Senator’s office, Juliane was tasked with hearing concerns of local businesses, handling daily communication with constituents, and taking part in the policy development process.

Next Steps

Following her co-op at the White House, Juliane co-founded a business with one of her colleagues, which is working towards developing and providing affordable housing for people in Guatemala.  She hopes to continue working on this project and to make more of an impact on the housing shortage in Guatemala. Juliane recently was accepted to Georgetown Law School, where she will begin her studies in the Fall 2018. Juliane has intentions of becoming a human rights lawyer.”

This was Juliane's Northeastern Pathway...Where will yours lead?

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