Kimberly Dinehart
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My Story

In high school, Kimberly was always interested in learning about where we came from, why things are the way they are, and turning this knowledge into applicable policies for a better future. Kimberly is pursuing a BA in history, with a concentration in the Cold War, and minors in international security studies, political science, and international affairs.

My Path
Why History?

Kimberly declared a history major because she was interested in gaining a broad foundation of knowledge about the world as well as the research and communication skills that come with a history degree. She was particularly interested in ways to apply her knowledge to current problems and saw that Northeastern’s model of the experiential liberal arts as a way to do both.

After hearing about some of the unique paths that previous Northeastern students carved for themselves during their time at Northeastern, Kimberly knew that she could make a path for herself at Northeastern as well.

Northeastern University/ Eric Winter
Northeastern University/ Mary Knox Merrill
Transformative Coursework

HIST1200/1: “Dissent in Modern America” – The first of the history major’s two required research seminars, Kimberly took HIST1200/1 her first semester at Northeastern. The topic of the course was Dissent in Modern America. In addition to learning about the means of protest and other forms of dissent since about 1945, Kimberly also learned what it means to be a college history major and how to write a proper research paper.

HIST2301/2: “The Global 1960s/1968” – Kimberly took the second history research seminar in the fall of her second year at Northeastern. The course covered why the 1960s, and 1968 in particular, was such a watershed moment in world history. She particularly enjoyed the mix of politics and culture, and how the course again furthered both her knowledge of the subject and its reverberations throughout history as well as the craft of research and writing.

International Dialogue Experience

Balkans Dialogue – Summer II 2014, Kimberly went on a Dialogue of Civilizations study abroad program to the Balkans to study the Yugoslav Wars in the 1990s. She wanted to go because the 1990s usually fall through the cracks between history and political science and she thought that the Dialogue would be an excellent chance to fill in a gap in her knowledge. The Dialogue blended coursework and experiences in the city, creating an immersive experience that could not be replicated anywhere else in the world.

Russia Dialogue – Summer II 2016, Kimberly went on her second Dialogue of Civilizations program, this time to Russia. In Russia, Kimberly studied Russian language and culture and traveled to Moscow, Kazan, and St. Petersburg. She was particularly excited to visit the sites in Russia that she had heard so much about from her courses, and to put contemporary Russian history in a more historical context through course readings and speaking with people she visited.

Semester in Berlin – In Fall 2016 Kimberly spent a semester studying at the Freie Universitӓt in Berlin, Germany. She studied intensive German, and took the courses “Islam and Europe” and the “History of Modern European Diplomacy.” Kimberly appreciated the way that the program integrated coursework with experiences throughout Berlin and Europe at large.

Find out more about Northeastern’s Dialogue of Civilization program at

Kimberly worked at the U.S. Commercial Service out of the U.S. Embassy in London
Co-op Experiences

Kimberly’s first co-op was at INTERPOL in Washington D.C. She worked in the compliance division, ensuring that all cases were maintained in accordance with federal and international standards. As INTERPOL has employees from several state and federal law enforcement agencies, Kimberly was able to visit other agencies like the FBI to learn more about the federal government.

For her second co-op, Kimberly worked at the U.S. Commercial Service out of the U.S. Embassy in London. The Commercial Service helps U.S. companies export their goods and services abroad and foreign companies expand to the United States. She had the opportunity to learn about a variety of industries during her time at the commercial service in addition to assisting with Embassy-wide events such as President Obama’s visit to London.

Independent Research

Kimberly received funding from Northeastern to continue her research paper from her HIST1200/1 course. She went to archives at the University of Missouri-St. Louis and Swarthmore College to look at documents from the National Nuclear Freeze Movement and its founder Randall Forsberg. She presented her findings at the University Scholar’s Research Forum and hopes to publish her findings as well.

Next Steps

After graduating from Northeastern, Kimberly would like to continue to study history with an eye toward lessons that can be applied to future policies. She hopes to gain some more work experience before going to graduate school, either to get a master’s of international affairs or a law degree. Currently she is an Analyst at Parker Remick since 2018 located in Seattle, Washington.

Northeastern University/ Eric Winter
Northeastern University/ Matthew Modoono
This was Kimberly's Northeastern Pathway... Where will yours lead?