Lina Kim
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My Story

Lina declared a major in history due to her interest in writing, research, and the study of people. With ambitions for law school, she  explored past accounts in her coursework so that she might one day rectify the future. Throughout her time at Northeastern, Lina studied present-day issues from historical standpoints, and drawn on the works of scholars to formulate her own arguments.

This is Lina’s Northeastern story…

My Path
Being a history major has allowed Lina to study various cultures.
Why History?

Pursuing a history major has allowed Lina to study the cultures of peoples worldwide, to analyze the psychologies of those operating in different time periods, and to understand the justifications for actions through historical profiles of individuals.


Transformative Coursework

HIST 2301 “American Views of Russia”

Lina initially developed her current research interests in Professor Harlow Robinson’s class, “American Views of Russia.” Throughout the semester, class discussions centered around Americans’ perceptions of Russia, with a focus on propaganda throughout the Cold War era. The course was instrumental in refining her writing skills, as she learned to craft solid arguments supported by a plethora of sources. Lina’s final paper for the course examined inaccurate portrayals of Catherine the Great throughout literature, films, and artwork, and catapulted her interest in Russian history and the Soviet Union during the Cold War era.

HIST 3330 “The Global Cold War”

Professor Gretchen Heefner’s class, “The Global Cold War,” studied the Cold War through the accounts of figures who were influenced by the war on an international scale. In this course, which took an interdisciplinary approach to exploring peoples and cultures, Lina assessed issues of human rights violations, race relations, and women’s rights from an international perspective. she also learned the importance of conducting research other than just to produce a final paper for a course.

Experiential Learning

Lina has worked with Professor Gretchen Heefner on her research over the past year, an opportunity which has proven to be an incredibly rewarding experience. Together Lina and Professor Heefner have explored scholarship about Mars during the 20th century, marginalized populations residing on a Boston Harbor island, and military installations in the United States.

Through her experiences, she has learned to think analytically about sources that function as artifacts of the time in which they were produced.

Northeastern University/ Mary Knox Merrill
Northeastern University Snell Library
Campus Involvement

Lina serves as a history peer mentor, and has guided students through their first year at Northeastern.

Working with students to explore classes and research subjects that pique their interest has been rewarding. During her time as a peer mentor, Lina has encouraged students to seek the extensive opportunities available through the history department and the greater university.

Internship Experience

Throughout her time at Northeastern, Lina has participated in intriguing discussions during classes, developed her skills in creating theses through writing-intensive assignments, and engaged in conversations with professors who held an open-door policy. With the skills she acquired through her studies, Lina had the invaluable experience of attending the UN General Assembly as a press delegate in September 2016. Through discussions about human rights violations and tracing subjects throughout international history, Lina developed a heightened interest in and concern for human rights violations throughout history.

Lina at the UN General Assembly, September 2016
Northeastern University/ Eric Winter
Next Steps

Lina has been attending Northeastern School of Law since Fall 2017  and is expecting to graduate in 2020. She intends to pursue civil liberties law in order to represent those who have been silenced and marginalized in society, and to become a part of the greater mission to rectify human rights violations on an international level.

This was Lina's Northeastern Pathway... Where will yours lead?
Northeastern University/ Matthew Modoono