Natalie Gallego
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My Story

When Natalie first visited the Western Wall in Israel on an interfaith pilgrimage, she witnessed how deeply Judaism impacted the lives of its practitioners. She thought about the influence of religion on major world affairs as well as everyday life, and realized how little she knew about many other faith practices. She decided that studying religion would help her to understand different belief systems and how they motivate people. Natalie is currently pursuing a B.A in Religious Studies with a focus on law.

My Path
Why Religious Studies and Law?

“I have always wanted to pursue a career in law, but did not want to sacrifice my interest in religious studies to do so. Northeastern’s Juris Doctor 3+3 program allowed me to develop my writing and argumentative skills while taking classes that I am passionate about.”


Natalie Gallego, member of Treble on Huntington, an all-female A Cappella group
Transformative Coursework

Natalie has taken quite a few key classes and interacted with a few vital professors in her academic career. Two courses and professors that have really stood out in forming her interest in her major are:

PHIL 1220- “The Meaning of Death” taught by Professor Susan Setta

“I took “The Meaning of Death” during my first semester at Northeastern, and it was one of my first religious studies courses. Not only did Professor Setta confirm that I had chosen an interesting major, but her class was a great introduction to the differences and similarities among religious practices. Professor Setta became a mentor to me throughout my undergraduate career. I had the opportunity to serve as her Teaching Assistant last semester, and I am currently completing my capstone in her PHIL 4547 “Seminar: Apocalypticism” class.

PHIL 1130- “Ethics East and West” taught by Professor Jung Lee

“Jung Lee’s Ethics class introduced me to the concept of morality among a variety of cultures and religions. His engaging lectures and modern examples made me think about how the ideals and norms of ‘the good life’ function on a global scale. The recognition of differing values and principles across cultures is important for me to keep in mind as I enter the field of law, where I intend to encounter people with many different beliefs.”

WilmerHale Office Location
Co-op at WilmerHale

From January to June of 2017, Natalie completed her first co-op at WilmerHale L.L.P., a large corporate law firm. Working on the WilmerHale Discovery Solutions Technology Team in the Litigation Support department in Boston allowed Natalie to better understand all of the moving parts behind a successful law firm. This co-op gave Natalie a peek at the exciting work that WilmerHale conducts, and the connections she made during her co-op helped Natalie land a legal recruiting internship at WilmerHale’s NYC office for this summer 2018. Working in legal recruiting will give Natalie the opportunity to interact extensively with attorneys and summer associates, and she will get a preview of where she hopes to be in just a few short years.

“I fell in love with the firm’s culture and atmosphere.”


Experience as a Teaching Assistant

Fall 2017, Natalie became a teaching assistant for “Professional Development for Co-op”, (EESH 2000) with co-op Coordinator, Michelle Zaff. Natalie had the opportunity to reflect and share on her co-op experience, and mentor other students as they apply for their first co-ops, mostly in law and government positions.

“Not only did I learn how to edit resumes and conduct mock interviews, but I helped students navigate through one of the most important decisions of their undergraduate careers. My experience as a TA helped me sharpen my professional skills while developing relationships with students in my field.

Career Fair at Northeastern University/ Matthew Modoono
Catholic Center at Northeastern University
Service Learning

During the Fall of 2017 Natalie took a course called PHIL 2100-“The Religious Worlds of Boston: Faith and Devotion in Urban Life” with Professor Jung Lee. Natalie worked on a research paper on the Catholic Center at Northeastern University (CCNN). Through fieldwork and interviews during the course, Natalie studied the community service efforts of the CCNU relating to Boston’s homeless population.

“As a soup kitchen volunteer, I interacted regularly with homeless individuals, and I am so grateful that Professor Lee gave me the opportunity to explore one of my passions through academic work.”

Next Steps?

Natalie is still pursuing a B.A in Religious Studies/ Juris Doctor (3 + 3 Program). She has a 2018 summer independent internship at WilmerHale, but instead of being in Boston she will be at the NYC location. Natalie is a third year student, but this is her last year as an undergrad – so Summer 2018 will be the end of the first half of the 3+3 program. This Fall she will start at Northeastern School of Law, where Natalie plans to complete more co-ops at great law firms. She also hopes to take advantage of NU Law’s opportunities for public interest work in addition to cultivating her passion for helping others, such as the homeless population.

Natalie participates in the CSSH Ambassador program.
This was Natalie's Northeastern Pathway... Where will yours lead?
Photo by Matthew Modoono/ Northeastern University