Roxanne Anderson ’17
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My Story

When looking at colleges, Roxanne sought out a program that would fulfill her academically. When she found Northeastern’s Human Services Program, she knew that the university’s integrated experiential learning model would enrich her academic experience. 

“I attended an accepted students day and snuck into the human services presentation, despite already declaring a major in psychology. Emily Mann was the speaker that day, and after hearing her describe the variety of options and great work that one could do as a human services student I was hooked.”


My Path
Why Human Services?

“My whole life I knew that I wanted to work with other people and make an impact on my community, and I felt that human services was the best way for me to be successful in this venture. In meeting with human services students and professors, I immediately knew this program would introduce me to diverse classes, job opportunities, and friendships.”

Community Involvement

“My human services experience has been an incredible academic and experiential journey through which I have been able to learn about the communities around me, and my impact in these spaces. Since my time in this program I have taken more academic risks and immersed myself in jobs that I didn’t know existed before being a student in this program. This program has allowed me the time and space to challenge the status quo and think critically and holistically about ways to change the world.”

Roxanne and friends show their Northeastern school spirit.
Learning In and Out of the Classroom

“One of my favorite human services classes was a “Sexual Violence: Counseling, Programs, and Policy” class. It was a thought-provoking and intersectional class that brought a lot of insight into the work I was doing as a student activist outside of class. I have used the skills from every human services counseling class in practice in my daily relationships as well as in interactions with clients at work.”

Roxanne explores London by bicycle during the Human Services Dialogue of Civilizations.
Global Internship

Roxanne participated in a Dialogue of Civilizations study abroad program in London, England, where she interned at the Irish Chaplaincy, an organization that assists Irish immigrant prisoners in the U.K.  The program allowed Roxanne to visit men’s prisons where she meet with both prisoners and service providers to learn about the issued facing inmates. She used the prisoner’s experiences to develop policy and program solutions.

Co-op Experiences

In her time in the Human Services Program, Roxanne had had several co-ops. Her first co-op was at Planned Parenthood’s development team where she contributed to event planning, organization, and communication with donors. During her second co-op, Roxanne worked at AIDS Action Committee as a housing services associate helping clients to identify potential housing options, complete applications, and coordinate services with social workers. These experiences introduced her to the long- and short-term impacts that her work could have in a community.

Roxanne's second co-op was at AIDS Action Committee as a housing services associate.
What Now?

Roxanne will pursue her master’s degree in social work in Fall 2017 at Boston University School of Social Work, focusing on macro-level policy work. She is particularly interested in reproductive justice as well as drug addiction and policy, and how these issues intersect with urban inequalities.

This was Roxanne's Northeastern Pathway... Where will yours lead?
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