Zachary Nielsen ’18
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My Story

Zachary Nielsen graduated in Spring 2018 with a Master of Arts in Applied Economics.

After receiving his  B.A. in both Economics and Computer Science from the University of Las Vegas in Nevada, Zachary wanted to find a program that focused on applying his knowledge to real world settings.  Zach found that Northeastern University’s Master of Arts program in Applied Economics, with its emphasis on experiential learning, was a good fit.

Here is Zach’s Northeastern story…

My Path
Why Economics at Northeastern?

When Zach was applying to master’s programs, he knew that he wanted to focus on applied economics.  In addition, the idea that Northeastern was located in the heart of Boston appealed to Zach as he knew Boston has a thriving start-up scene along with a rich history.

The combination of a great school and its location led Zach to apply.

“I wanted to enter into a program that focuses on applying my knowledge in real world settings.  While researching master’s programs, I found that a regular master’s was often seen to be the consolation prize for a doctorate in economics. However an applied degree takes the skills that I learn and allows me to see how they would be used in the real world.”


Northeastern University/ Image Gallery
Northeastern University/ Eric Winter
Transformational Coursework
  • ECON 5110 Microeconomic Theory
  • ECON 7200 Innovation Economics

Zach took ECON 7200 “Innovation Economics” with Bernhard Ganglmair in the Spring semester of 2017.  In that class, Zach worked with patent data to research whether patents are a positive or negative force for innovation.

In the Fall 2016 semester, Zach took ECON 5110 “Microeconomic Theory” taught by Professor Selcuk Ozyurt.

“I truly enjoyed going to that class.  Professor Ozyurt really taught the material in an engaging way. He focused on the practical applications of the material, while also explaining the math in an easy-to-understand way.”

Professional Development

Zach credits the staff at career services with  helping him feel confident and prepared as he embarks on his professional career.

“I can’t wait to start applying to positions.  The Career Services department has been instrumental in getting my resume ready to start applying to companies.  Boston is really unique in that it has several traditional economics positions at the Federal Reserve while also being located within a thriving start-up culture.  No matter which path I choose, I know that I will be prepared.”

Northeastern University/ Adam Glanzman
Next steps

Zach’s journey through Northeastern has enhanced his academic background in computer science and economics and has allowed him to view economic questions through a data-driven perspective.

Zach is currently an analyst at a major New England retail company where he is able to apply his data analytic skills to interpret data to improve the business.


This was Zach's Northeastern Pathway... Where will yours lead?
Northeastern University/ Matthew Modoono