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The Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Northeastern University is home to a distinguished graduate program offering both the MA and the PhD in sociology. The program has enjoyed noteworthy growth in recent years, and is home to nationally renowned scholars who are leaders in a diverse array of sociological fields that involve various dimensions of social inequality. Graduate students in both the MA and PhD programs are able to specialize in areas that address real-world issues of compelling importance, thereby pursuing scholarly careers that foster public debate, deepen social awareness, and prompt new approaches toward social policy.

The primary objectives of our graduate program are: (1) to offer a strong curricular foundation in sociology and the social sciences; (2) to inculcate in students a depth of knowledge in the basic tools of the discipline; (3) to train our students to be outstanding teachers and researchers; and (4) to provide professional socialization that adequately prepares students for a career in the discipline. We take special care to have our graduate students serve as teaching assistants for professors in courses related to their area of specialization, and to eventually teach these courses themselves.

Our faculty and students are deeply committed to the critical study of large-scale social change as a means for achieving equality and social justice. In fact, it is our faculty’s wide-ranging concern for social justice, in combination with their dedication to teaching and research that makes the program so attractive to prospective students. To that end, the graduate program offers four areas of concentration: globalization; urban sociology; sociology of gender; and environment and health. We look to recruit graduate students that are interested in specializing in one or more of these areas of concentration.

The Secret’s Out!

Northeastern University is home to one of the strongest and most creative graduate programs in American sociology. The faculty include highly accomplished scholars in a wide array of specialties, providing an unusually broad set of offerings from which graduate students can choose. From the study of urban communities to issues of environment, health and social justice; from gender inequalities to the political economy of globalization; and from the analysis of class, race, and ethnicity to immigration and social inclusion, students enjoy a wide ranging platform for graduate training and intellectually probing research. Read on for a brief discussion of the Department’s strengths, and you’ll see what we mean.

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