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Areas of Expertise

Faculty-for more details and individual faculty profiles, see People-Our Faculty


Matthew Hunt, PhD, Indiana University
Fields: Stratification, social psychology, race and ethnicity


Arnold Arluke, PhD, New York University
Fields: Ethnography, social psychology, animal studies

Linda Blum, PhD, University of California–Berkeley
Graduate Program Director, PhD program
Fields: Sociology of gender; gender, medicine and the body; work, family, and intersectionality; feminist theory; sociological theory; qualitative and ethnographic methods

Michael E. Brown, PhD, University of Michigan
Fields: Theory, cultural sociology, history of sociology/social thought, Marxism, globalization

Phil Brown, PhD, Brandeis University
Jointly appointed with Bouvé College of Health Sciences
Fields: Environmental sociology, medical sociology, community-based participatory research, social movements

Daniel Faber, PhD, University of California–Santa Cruz
Fields: Environmental sociology, political economy, theory, globalization, development, social movements, philanthropy, environmental justice

Alan M. Klein, PhD, State University of New York–Buffalo
Fields: Sociology of sports, globalization, native North Americans

Thomas H. Koenig, PhD, University of California–Santa Barbara
Fields: Law, social networks, economic sociology

Alisa Lincoln, PhD, Columbia University
Jointly appointed with Bouvé College of Health Sciences
Fields: Mental health, substance abuse, homelessness, health and social disparities, literacy, community-based participatory action research

Ineke Haen Marshall, PhD, Bowling Green State University
Jointly appointed with the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice
Fields: Criminology, comparative methodologies, minorities

Ramiro Martinez, Jr., PhD, Ohio State University
Jointly appointed with the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice
Fields: Criminology, sociology of violence, immigration, Latino/a sociology

Valentine Moghadam, PhD, The American University
Director, International Affairs Program
Fields: Sociology of gender, gender and development, globalization and transnational social movements, sociology and political economy of the Middle East and North Africa

Berna Turam, PhD, McGill University-Toronto
Jointly appointed with International Affairs
Fields: Political sociology, Islamic social movements, Middle Eastern studies

Steven P. Vallas, PhD, Rutgers University
Fields: Work, inequality, social theory, culture, economic institutions

Suzanna Danuta Walters, PhD, City University of New York, The Graduate Center
Director, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program
Fields: Feminist theory, gender, cultural studies and media theory, queer studies, lesbian and gay studies, social theory, family and queer kinship, film and tv studies

Associate Professors

Silvia Dominguez, PhD, Boston University
Fields: Immigration, race relations, urban poverty, urban sociology, social networks, health disparities, ethnography, violence, public housing

Michael J. Handel, PhD, Harvard University
Fields: Economic sociology, sociology of work and organizations, labor markets

T. Anthony Jones, PhD, Princeton University
Fields: Russia and Eastern Europe, development and democracy, global change, Mediterranean Rim

Jeffrey S. Juris, PhD, University of California–Berkeley
Fields: Globalization and development, social movements, science and technology studies, new media, youth cultures, political violence, Latin America, Spain

Maureen Kelleher, PhD, University of Missouri–Columbia
Fields: Social policy, child welfare, deviance, gendered violence

Doreen Lee, PhD, Cornell University
Fields: Southeast Asia (Indonesia and Malaysia), political anthropology, postcolonial theory, historiography and archives, nationalism, urban studies, state violence, social movements and activism, youth, masculinity, visual culture, street art, public culture

Gordana Rabrenovic, PhD, State University of New York–Albany
Graduate Program Director, MA program
Fields: Social organizations, urban sociology, education, community, conflict and violence

Liza Weinstein, PhD, University Chicago
Fields: Urban sociology, political economy, globalization, development, south Asia

Kathrin Zippel, PhD, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Fields: Gender, political sociology, social movements, unions, European and German studies, globalization, science and technology

Assistant Professors

Len Albright, PhD, University of Chicago
Jointly appointed with the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs
Fields: Urban sociology, community studies, environmental sociology, housing policy

Laura K. Nelson, PhD, University of California-Berkeley
Fields: Organizations and institutions, collective behavior/social movements, gender, culture, theory, comparative historical sociology, computational social science, quantitative text analysis, research methods (On leave during Fall 2016-Spring 2017.)

Laura Senier, PhD, Brown University
Jointly appointed with Bouvé College of Health Sciences
Fields: Medical sociology, health disparities, environmental sociology, environmental justice, health policy

Nina Sylvanus, PhD, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris
Fields: Cultural anthropology, gender, globalization, West Africa, economic institutions

Sara Wylie, PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Jointly Appointed with Bouvé College of Health Sciences
Fields: Science and technology studies, anthropology of science, environmental health, new media