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Headshot of Abdul Hafiz

Abdul Hafiz with Professor William Miles

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“Hausa Diaspora in West Africa”

Spring 2015


“As an undergraduate, I made a positive contribution to the important ethnographic analysis that my professor was conducting. It was a truly rewarding experience.”


Abdul (International Affairs and Political Science) and Professor Miles (Political Science) are studying the Hausa diaspora across Western Africa, including West African culture and politics. Abdul has compiled and analyzed quantitative and qualitative data as it pertains to security, migration, and human rights, as well as the emerging field of borderland studies. As a fluent Hausa speaker, Abdul is translating, transcribing, and annotating interviews that Professor Miles conducted in Western Africa last summer. Abdul and Professor Miles hope to have their research cited in a paper and to collaborate on a grant for external funding.


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Published On: June 2, 2015