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Headshot of Maisam Alahmed

Maisam A. Alahmed with Professor Denise Garcia

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“Landmine Victim Assistance”

Summer 2015


“The Undergraduate Research Initiative has allowed me to attend live government and NGO negotiations at the UN in Geneva. Learning directly from experts on this topic has been a great experience and a great asset to my research.”

Alahmed (International Affairs) and Professor Garcia (Political Science and International Affairs) are studying landmine victims and obligations of the international community to assist those affected by landmines. Using a network of experts she acquired on her first co-op with the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention Implementation Support Unit, Alahmed will travel to Geneva, Switzerland to conduct interviews with international representatives, diplomats, and ambassadors. She hopes to complete a paper for publication with policy recommendations for how the international community can better assist landmine victims.
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Published On: June 2, 2015