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Emerson Victoria Johnston

History, Culture, and Law, BA
Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, BS
Criminal Justice Minor
Argumentation Minor
Military Science Minor


Emerson was one of the first students to claim the History, Culture, and Law major at Northeastern on top of her preexisting Politics, Philosophy, and Economics major. Her title sounds daunting because it looks like six majors – but she insists it is not! Her pursuit of a deeper comprehension of political science has led her in limitless directions, from research projects to co-ops to the military.

Emerson Victoria’s Path

“Don’t limit yourself to one major. Northeastern is one of the best schools in the country to study multiple things at once. If you’re worried about workload, 3-in-1 majors like HCL and PPE are the best way to not have to worry about graduating in four years. HCL has been an amazing look into not only how those three subjects work independently, but also how they work together. Legal precedent is the entire foundation of our supreme court system, so failing to learn history as a student of law is problematic. If you don’t understand the history of different cultures, or the cultural history of the subject, you are not getting the full story. None of these subjects can ever be fully understood without the other two.” 

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