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Gemma McFarland

Sociology PhD Student

Gemma joined the Sociology PhD program in Fall of 2019. Prior to entering Northeastern, she worked as a Family Advocate for Community Advocacy Program (at CCHERS, Inc.) at the Mattapan Community Health Center in Boston, working directly with survivors of domestic and dating violence on a daily basis to provide crisis intervention, counseling, and advocacy, among other direct services. She has also worked as a Senior Corporate Responsibility Associate for athenahealth, where she coordinated employee volunteer efforts and corporate donations for nonprofits and government agencies in Boston, Atlanta, and Austin. Gemma’s research interests include the intersections between sociology, criminal justice, and public health, particularly within the context of gender-based violence and victimization as direct manifestations of sociopolitical, interlocking constructs (i.e. race, gender, and class). She holds a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree from Northeastern and a BA in Journalism from Quinnipiac University.

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Areas of Research/Interest: Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence; Violence as a Public Health Issue; Victimology; Intersectionality; Stigma and Victim-Blaming; Social Psychology; Criminal Justice Response and Help-Seeking Behavior

Curriculum Vitae

Faculty Advisor: Ineke Marshall

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