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Nina Mouawad

English PhD Student

Nina Mouawad نينا معوض (she/elle/هي) is a PhD student of literature in the English department at Northeastern University. She studies modern Arab literature, comics & visual studies, gender & sexuality studies, postcolonialism, and critical race theory. Her research examines the intersections of memory, trauma and war in Arab and Middle Eastern comics as well as exploring the postcolonial influence of racial capitalism in the Global South. She currently teaches Advanced Writing in the Disciplines in the Writing Program.

Related Schools & Departments

MA, Northeastern University, Boston
BS, MA, University of Balamand, Lebanon  


424A Holmes Hall 
360 Huntington Avenue 
Boston, MA 02115 

Office Hours: Wednesdays 9AM – 11AM EST or by appointment

Program and Fields: PhD; Modern Arab Literature, Comics and Visual Studies, Gender and Sexuality studies, Postcolonialism

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