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Tula Singer

Major: Spanish and Linguistics combined major
Minors: Art History; Ethnomusicology

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  • Miami, New York, Cuba

Favorite Courses

  • World Cultures Through Film with Professor Alan West-Duran
  • Introduction to Languages, Literature, and Culture with Professor Alan West-Duran


  • Boston Globe – Advertising Studios Co-op


  • “Música, mímesis y memoria en Los pasos perdidos de Alejo Carpentier”with Professor Alan West-Durán (Spanish)
  • Phonetics, Phonology, Morphology and Syntax of Pirahã with Professor Robert Painter (Linguistics)

    Service-Learning / Volunteer Work

    • JumpStart Corps Member
    • Write the World Volunteer Intern
    • National Women’s Shelter Network Volunteer Editor

    Student Clubs & Organizations

    • Spectrum Literary Arts General Member
    • NU Review Editor
    • JumpStart Corps Member

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