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Students call on U of A Foundation to divest $82M from fossil fuels

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Kathryn Palmer
University of Arizona

Tucson, December 2022

At an epicenter of the country’s water crisis, some University of Arizona students are calling on the UA Foundation to take a firm stance against climate change and pull the $82 million it has in fossil fuel-related investments by 2029.

“While we know that the foundation has been supported by money made from fossil fuels, we want to show them that Arizona, Tucson, the U of A — its students and alumni — are in support of renewable energy,” said Samantha Wetherell, president of UAZ Divest, the student-led group calling on the UA Foundation to divest. “We are going to push for sustainability and we want to see the U of A put its money where its mouth is in terms of its sustainable initiatives.”

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