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Transfer Credit Guidelines

Transfer Credit Guidelines

If students wish to register for any courses at another institution and receive transfer credit from Northeastern, they must petition to have the credit count. Please refer to the guidelines below for more information on transfer credit.

Possible reasons for seeking credits at another institution include:

In order for a student to transfer credit from another institution after matriculating at Northeastern, the student must file a petition with their academic advisor, which will be reviewed by the Office of the Provost. Students should begin this process by contacting their academic advisor.

Before registering for any courses at an institution outside of Northeastern, students must have an approved petition on file with their academic advisor. Petitions received after a student has enrolled or completed the coursework potentially may not be approved.

The following guidelines apply to all successful transfer credit:

The Transfer Credit Database provides what other courses have already been successfully transferred from a given institution. If pursuing a course other than those already cataloged in this database, the student should submit a course description and syllabus for evaluation by the relevant department to their academic advisor. All courses must have and official, approved evaluation from a Northeastern University evaluator before the petition will be considered.

Students must submit an official transcript to their academic advisor as soon as possible after completion of the course at the outside institution. The Office of Undergraduate Academic Advisors prefers that students hand deliver transcripts to 180 Renaissance Park in its original sealed envelope. Opened transcripts cannot be accepted as valid for transfer credit.

If necessary, students may also have the outside institution send the official transcript directly to their academic advisor, but this should only be in the event that students absolutely cannot hand deliver the transcript.

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