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Combined Majors

Integrate disciplinary perspectives and gain flexibility with combined majors

Combined majors provide students with the opportunity to study important questions and problems from different perspectives, using multiple frameworks and methodologies. Some students choose a combined major because the program is particularly well suited for graduate study: the economics/math combined major, for example, provides a strong foundation for advanced study of econometrics. Other students may be drawn to a combined major because the program aligns well with their professional goals: the English/graphic and information design combined major, for instance, is an excellent choice for students contemplating a career in graphic art, web design, or digital content production. Still other students may decide to pursue a combined major because they are interested in a broad topic or policy area and are not yet sure of their post-graduation goals: the environmental sciences/international affairs combined major, for instance, allows students to explore important world problems related to resilience and sustainability. In all cases, combined majors provide students with flexibility to pursue their interests and passions.

A combined major comprises at least nine courses from two single majors, plus one or more integrative “bridge” courses. In addition to choosing from among the pre-approved combinations below, students may propose their own combined major. A Student-Requested Combined Major requires a completed Combined Major Approval Form with approval by both disciplines/colleges and an approved curriculum.

Combined Majors With Other Northeastern Colleges