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CSSH Teaching Assistants

Select a TA opportunity below to see the expectations for the position and the application for the position (if available).

Teaching Assistant for “Social Sciences & Humanities at Northeastern”

Each Spring semester, we look for Teaching Assistants for all sections of INSH1000 Social Sciences & Humanities at Northeastern. This is the Intro to College course for NUin students in their frist semester on NU’s Boston campus, and spring-entry transfers. Students who transferred to Northeastern from another college/university or students who are alums of the N.U.in program are strongly encouraged to apply. Note: This is an unpaid position.

Teaching Assistant for “Professional Development for Co-op”

Each semester, we look for Teaching Assistants for all sections of EESH2000 Professional Development for Co-op. Click the link above to view the position description. Applications for Spring 2019 will open in November. Note: This is an unpaid position.


What If I Want to Be TA for Another CSSH Course?

For those interested in being a TA for other courses within CSSH, this webpage provides further information for pursuing these opportunities.


Who Do I Contact If I Have Questions?

If you have any questions about being a CSSH Teaching Assistant or the application process, please email Michaela Modica at m.kinlock@northeastern.edu.