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Northeastern faculty preserve signs from Boston Women’s March

Photo by Dietmar Offenhuber, assistant professor in the College of Arts, Media, and Design

Northeastern faculty members who stumbled upon leftover signs from the Boston Women’s March held last Saturday, January 21, are now embarking on an archival project in collaboration with Snell Library. Archivists plan to keep the physical signs in university archives as well as digitize them for online preservation. Specific plans have not yet been determined, but may include a large public showing of the signs sometime in March.

In one article covering the preservation project, The Chronicle of Higher Education spoke with WGSS Executive Committee members Moya Bailey, Carla Kaplan, and Sarah Jackson, who highlighted various significant aspects of this demonstration’s signs, such as links to past protest movements and the intersectionality of certain messages.

An article in the Boston Globe quotes Nathan Felde, the Northeastern design professor who initially found the signs about to be thrown away: “The imagery and how people constructed the messages, it’s just a wealth of really interesting stuff to study.”

Published On: January 24, 2017 |
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