Northeastern holds symposium on state of women’s advancement

On March 3, scholars, policymakers, and entrepreneurs convened at Northeastern to discuss the advancement of women in the fields of entrepreneurship, leadership, and public policy. The half-day symposium was organized by Northeastern professors Alicia Sasser Modestino and Jamie Ladge, and the program consisted of three themed panel discussions: first, “Entrepreneurship (What Barriers and Opportunities Exist that Prevent Women from Advancing on their Own?)” followed by “Women and Leadership (Who’s responsible for work-life balance? What can Employers do to Advance the Talent Pipeline?)” and finally, “Public Policy: (How can State and Municipal Government Level the Playing Field?)” The Boston Globe‘s Katie Johnston moderated the symposium.

For a full description, read Northeastern News’s coverage of the event.

Published On: March 7, 2017 |
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