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WGSS student’s play to open in New York

Hanne Larsen, a fifth-year Northeastern theatre major and WGSS minor, has created a play that is now being planned to expand, first to New York City and then to colleges across the country. The Sex Myth: A Devised Play (adapted from Rachel Hills’ book, The Sex Myth) premiered last summer at Northeastern, and comprises eight monologues drawn from the life experiences of cast members. The content of the play covers a wide range of issues, such as queerness and coming out, hookup culture, and celibacy.


The play’s unique structure allows it to be adapted to new casts. A fundraiser seeking to raise $28,000 to fund the production in New York City describes The Sex Myth not as a play, but an “international movement.”

The Sex Myth isn’t just a fun and sexy theatre-going experience…. It’s also a tool for activism, education, and consciousness raising. The play is devised using a set of processes rather than a set script, meaning that the show is recreated each time it is performed to include the personal and diverse experiences of each new cast.”

Because of the way the play is reformatted to fit the performers, the Sex Myth team created “The Sex Myth: Playbook and Director’s Guide,” which it calls “the infrastructure for you to participate in our growing international movement.”

Larsen played numerous roles during her time in Northeastern’s theatre program: Clara in The Phantom Lady, Chorus in columbinus, Angustias in The House of Bernarda Alba, Becky in The Heidi Chronicles, and currently, Helena in Midsummer Night’s Dream. She will graduate this May.

Published On: March 23, 2017 |
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