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A Conversation with the Authors of “Sister Resisters: Mentoring Black Women on Campus”

A recent interview on WBUR between Janie Victoria Ward and Tracy Robinson-Wood—Professor of Applied Psychology and member of the WGSS Executive Committee at Northeastern University—shows the two discussing their new book “Sister Resisters: Mentoring Black Women on Campus.” The two unpack the experiences of current students and specifically ask white women to step up and get in touch with their own resistance.

We really have to ask, why forty years later, we still hear young women speaking of this sense of alienation and isolation? We need to understand what the climate is on these campuses that transmit a message that you don’t belong here, that there’s something about your body that isn’t consistent with being read as being a STEM student, or being smart, or being in this particular space. We need to be able to help that young woman realize that you belong there and give her some tools on how to navigate that very difficult environment…

Tracy Robinson-Wood, Professor of Applied Psychology and member of the WGSS Executive Committee

Listen to the full conversation here.

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