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“Can California tackle gun control using the Texas abortion law?” asks News @Northeastern

Northeasten University School of Law - Professor

This News @ Northeastern article tackles the new Texas abortion ban that the Supreme court declined to block. The ban allows private citizens to sue doctors and clinics that provide abortions as well as anyone seeking an abortion after six weeks of pregnancy. Gavin Newson, governor of California recently made a statement that California would use the same framework as the Texas abortion ban to give California the ability to sue gun manufacturers. Martha Davis (university distinguished professor of law at Northeastern, and WGSS affiliated faculty) weighs in on how the Texas abortion ban is an attempt to circumvent the constitutional protections established in Roe v Wade and “opens the door to the end of judicial review on constitutional issues.”

To read the full News @ Northeastern Article and more from the Perspective of Martha Davis, click here.

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