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Experts at Northeastern Women’s History Month Symposium event weigh in on the growing censorship movement in America 

A recent News @ Northeastern article covered one of the panel sessions, “Don’t Say…: On Censorship and Organizing for Progressive/Feminist Speech,” at this year’s WGSS Women’s History Month Symposium, Feminists on the Politics of Crisis. This panel featured Martha Hickson, North Hunterdon High School librarian; Paisley Currah, professor at the Graduate Center and Brooklyn College, CUNY; and Karsonya “Kaye” Wise Whitehead, National Women’s Studies Association director and professor at Loyola University Maryland. The panelists addressed various censorship issues afflicting our society, with Hickson discussing book banning, Currah speaking on the anti-trans movement, and Whitehead exploring histories of white supremacy and misogynoir. Audience members had the opportunity to ask the panelists questions on fighting censorship and organizing collective resistance.

Read more on the panel in News@Northeastern here!
Photo credits: News@Northeastern

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