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Facebook claims to shutdown its facial recognition system but Northeastern Law professors see it differently.

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As Facebook rebrands itself as Meta, changes begin to take place in attempts to visualize an entirely virtual future. One of these changes is the removal of their facial recognition feature on the social platform and Northeastern Law professors weigh in on the reasoning behind this. Professor Ari E. Waldman (Professor of Law and Computer Science, Director of the Center for Law, Information, and Creativity, and WGSS Executive Committee Member) describes this as an instance of “Facebook misdirection.” According to Dr. Waldman, although they may be removing this feature, they will be keeping its algorithmic tools for use in the metaverse.

“This is like when your neighbor is playing music really loud, and they stop not because you’re concerned about the sound, but because they’re done practicing.”

Professor Ari E. Waldman

To read more about the analysis of this algorithmic change, read the News @ Northeastern piece here.

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