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“From AHL to the Olympics, Kelly Cooke is taking Ice Hockey Refereeing by Storm” News @ Northeastern

2019 Northeastern Law school graduate, Kelly Cooke is one of a dozen women selected by the International Ice Hockey Federation to referee Women’s Ice Hockey at the Olympic Games. By October 2021 she was the second woman to referee a game in the American Hockey League. On top of being a referee, she is also a corporate attorney for the Boston firm Morgan Lewis. She is now passing on her knowledge of officiating to Caroline Davis, Public Health student and daughter of university distinguished professor of law at Northeastern, and WGSS affiliated faculty, Martha Davis.

“Just being in the refs’ room with another woman is unusual, and my daughter, who would love to follow in Kelly’s footsteps benefited immensely from the opportunity to learn from Kelly both on and off the ice,” says Davis.

Read the full article here.

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