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WGSS Certificate MPH Option

The graduate certificate in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGSS), MPH Option is a supplementary program designed for students currently enrolled in the Master’s of Public Health in Urban Health at  Northeastern University. The certificate aims to provide enhanced competency by:

Master of Public Health (MPH) students are able to apply theories, concepts, and methods gained from the WGSS certificate to addressing urban health issues. Certificate students will work with an advisor in the Public Health program to develop a plan for completing the certificate. The advisory relationship is intended to be facilitative; students are free to request a different advisor at any time.

Students enrolled in the MPH Program at the Bouvé College of Health Sciences who wish to pursue a certificate in WGSS follow a slightly different path than students in CSSH programs. Interested MPH students should contact Alisa Lincoln, Professor of Health Sciences and Sociology; Shan Mohammed, Director of the MPH program; or Emily Grilli-Scott, Assistant Program Director, MPH  prior to pursuing the WGSS certificate to discuss their options. After you have discussed your intentions with the MPH program administration, if you decide to pursue the certificate, please complete this simple online form. The WGSS program coordinator will then contact you to set up a meeting and will add the certificate to your degree audit.



For MPH students, the Certificate in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies consists of a minimum of five graduate courses: a choice of one of two required courses in WGSS, two core courses in PHTH, and two elective courses. The certificate curriculum, including a list of required courses and approved electives, can be found in the university catalog.

Certificate students may petition for courses to be added to the list of approved electives by contacting the program coordinator with a course syllabus.


Eligibility for Enrollment

Any student with a bachelor’s degree who has been admitted to or is currently enrolled in the Master’s of Public Health Program at Northeastern is eligible to pursue a Graduate Certificate in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, MPH option. Applicants should have at least a “B” average in their graduate course work (or undergraduate for entering students).


Graduate Consortium in Women’s Studies

Students can also choose to take courses in the Graduate Consortium in Women’s Studies. Courses taken in the GCWS may count towards the Graduate Certificate, MPH option. Instructors and courses vary from semester to semester and students should check with their MPH advisor to see if the course will count towards their degree.  To see all past and current GCWS course offerings, visit the Graduate Consortium in Women’s Studies website.

To enroll in a GCWS course, speak to the graduate advisor or coordinator in your primary disciplinary program. They will advise you on the process for enrolling in a GCWS course for Northeastern credit. Registration requires application to and acceptance by the GCWS as well as departmental approval from the MPH and WGSS programs.