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Fall 2020

WGSS Courses

WMNS 7900 Special Topics in WGSS: Visual Transgressions: Gendered Identities in Art & Culture*

Professor Gannit Ankori (Brandeis University)

Professor Karl Surkan (MIT)

T 2:00-5:00


Affiliated Electives

SOCL 7287: Social Movements in Health

Professor Phil Brown

T 1:35-4:55


Spring 2020

WGSS Courses

WMNS/HIST/SOCL 5240: Feminist Resistance

     Professor Suzanna Walters

WMNS 7900 01: Women in South Asia: Religion, Gender, Culture, and Sexuality*

     Professor Ayesha Irani (UMass Boston)

     Professor Harleen Singh (Brandeis University)

WMNS 7900 02: The Politics of Madness: Gender, Postcoloniality, and Psychiatry Through Film and Theory*

     Professor Emily Fox-Kales (Harvard Medical School)

     Professor Emilie Diouf (Brandeis University)


Affiliated Electives

SOCL 7225: Gender and Social Media
Professor Valentine Moghadam

ENGL 7244: African American Novel
Professor Carla Kaplan

ENGL 7358: Feminism and Visual Culture
Professor Hillary Chute

*These courses are taught the GCWS, located at MIT. Students must apply for acceptance and complete registration through the course numbers above. More information, including course descriptions and professor bios can be found here. GCWS courses meet at MIT and run on MIT’s academic schedule.