Course Offerings

Spring 2019

WGSS Courses

WMNS 7900 01 Special Topics in WGSS: Gender & Food*
Professor Carole Biewener, Simmons University
Professor Laura J. Miller, Brandeis University

WMNS 7900 02 Special Topics in WGSS: Gendering U.S. Immigration Policy*
Rev. Dr. Choi, Hee An
Professor Philip Kretsedemas, UMass Boston

SOCL 7265 Sociology of Gender
Professor Linda Blum

ENGL 7358 Topics in Literature and other Disciplines: Feminism and Visual Culture
Professor Hillary Chute

INPR 2183: Rafiki Syllabus
Professor Moya Bailey
CRN: 38567

*Note: These courses are taught at the GCWS. Students must apply for acceptance and complete registration through the course numbers above. More information, including course descriptions and professor bios can be found at the links to the courses below. GCWS courses meet at MIT and run on MIT’s academic schedule.