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Kabria Baumgartner Honors Black History with Public Project in her New England Hometown.

Kabria Baumgartner, associate professor of history and africana studies. Photo by Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University

WGSS affiliated Faculty, Kabria Baumgartner, was recently featured in a new News @ Northeastern article. The article focuses on Professor Baumgartner’s recent public project in her hometown of Newburyport. Professor Baumgartner plans to put up signage all around the historic port city highlighting the important role of Black Americans in its history.

Professor Baumgartner says “That’s what I like about this as a public history project: We’re using the same kinds of historical research methods in gathering sources, piecing together evidence, and reaching some careful conclusions. But instead of me writing it in an article in an academic journal that will be behind a paywall, this is something that anybody can access if they are walking along the rail trail.”

Read the full News @ Northeastern article here.

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