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Graduate Assistants

Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society


Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society, the leading journal in feminist scholarship, receives more than 400 manuscript submissions each year and publishes four issues annually. Graduate assistants work with the Editor-in-Chief, Deputy Editor, and Managing Editor on manuscript acquisition and production and on research related to journal operations. Signs has openings for graduate research assistants who will work on these as well as various online initiatives, including the Feminist Public Intellectuals Project (http://signsjournal.org/feminist-public-intellectuals-project/).


Editorial assistant positions require sophisticated computer, research, and editing skills. One of the positions will focus primarily on social media; for this position, experience in social media marketing is desired, and experience with WordPress or HTML would also be welcome. All graduate assistants will work with the Managing Editor on critical tasks related to production deadlines and acquisitions and with the Deputy Editor on responsibilities related to research projects and online initiatives. The positions require excellent research skills, communication skills, organizational abilities, and a fair amount of tact and diplomacy in dealing with authors and reviewers. Knowledge of the field of women’s and gender studies is particularly important given the research requirements. Preference will therefore be given to candidates with graduate training in feminist scholarship.

Candidates who demonstrate an understanding of the anonymous peer review system used in scholarly publications, and who show familiarity with the principles of editorial production, will be preferred. Competence in a foreign language, in addition to excellent written English, is also a plus. Office experience, particularly experience handling a range of administrative tasks, is strongly preferred. All Signs graduate research assistants must demonstrate a capacity for meticulous attention to detail, the ability to work both independently and collaboratively, and the capacity to work flexibly.

Graduate assistants will be paid stipends and benefits, including tuition, per the University guidelines for such positions. Please note that these positions are only for those graduate students holding graduate assistantships for the coming academic year. These positions are for the full academic year and require a commitment of 10 to 20 hours/week (10 hours/week if combined with another RA or TA position, 20 hours/week if a full-time appointment). Two to four candidates will be selected depending on how many hours each candidate can devote to the position. The positions will begin September 2018. Working hours are flexible.

Please fill out the attached form, get the required signature from your chair, and send a letter of interest accompanied by a CV to the Chair of the Editorial Board, Prof. Carla Kaplan (c.kaplan@neu.edu) by March 1. Please indicate in your letter whether you seek a 10 hour/week position to be combined with an assistantship in another department/program or whether you seek a full 20 hour/week assistantship with Signs.

Position Details

Employer: Northeastern University, Signs: Journal of Women in Culture & Society
Apply By: March 1, 2018