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Faculty Training with CATLR

In April 2014, the WGSS program partnered with the Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning through Research (CATLR) to conduct a half-day workshop on teaching interdisciplinary gender studies.  Envisioning this the first of series, we were gratified at the enormous interest and ended up having an extremely productive day with 16 participants.  The participants came from a variety of departments (e.g. Law, Sociology, Communication, English) and represented the full range from Assistant to Full Professors.

The goal of this workshop was twofold:  to empower existing affiliated faculty to teach core WGSS courses and to develop some clear parameters for teaching the course (e.g. what should be covered, what students should achieve, etc.).  We engaged three parallel discussions to achieve this goal:

  1. What does it look like to teach this course? What are the broad goals? What are the learning outcomes?
  2. What does interdisciplinarity look like more broadly?
  3. What do we need in order to teach this course successfully? For interdisciplinarity generally?

All participants prepared for the workshop by reviewing sample course syllabi (primarily for introduction to WGSS courses) sent to them in advance and by thinking through the following exploratory questions:

  1. What makes a course robustly interdisciplinary?  How can we do that for our Intro courses?
  2. Are there key concepts that all Introduction to WGSS courses must cover?  What might they be?
  3. Are there key authors/theorists that must be covered?  Who might they be?
  4. Are there particular pedagogical modes that are critical for an Intro class?
  5. How might we think of Intro in the specific context of Northeastern (where we don’t have a major in WGSS, where Intro is the only required course for the minor, etc.)?

For further information or to get involved in future workshops, please contact our Director, Prof. Suzanna Walters.