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Boston-Area Resources

Boston-Area Resources



BAGLY seeks to provide a safe and social space for youth of all sexualities and genders.



BARCC is the only rape crisis center in Boston proper, and the oldest in Massachusetts. It runs a hotline, provides free group and individual counseling, classes on how to counsel rape survivors, and performs advocacy for victims of rape and sexual assault.



Gay and Lesbian Adolescent Social Services is a drop-in homeless shelter and community/resource center for youth who are LGBTQ, HIV positive, and/or racial minorities.



Works to foster communication/community-building, education, and advocacy for the LGBTQ community in Boston as a whole.



BWHBC specializes in health education, consulting, and advocacy, and publishes books and newsletters on women’s health and donates the materials for free to women all over the world.



Conducts research and provides education, resources, healthcare, and medical advocacy for the LGBTQ community in the Boston area.



Provides counseling and directions to resources for gay male victims of domestic violence, and also calls for more responsive public policies for LGBTQ domestic violence.



The Consortium for Graduate Studies in Gender, Culture, Women, and Sexuality (GCWS), housed at MIT, is a group of nine degree-granting Boston-area institutions that are devoted to graduate teaching and research in Women’s Studies and to advancing interdisciplinary Women’s Studies scholarship. The GCWS offers courses for credit as well as other events and programs throughout the year.



Provides emotional and physical health counseling, community-building, education, and advocacy opportunities for black LGBT Latino/Latina individuals.



A coalition that both provides support and seeks to advocate for victims of sexual assault domestic abuse.



Located in 328 Curry Student Center, the LGBTQA Resource Center is a safe space for students that provides community and education.



The oldest LGBTQ-rights advocacy and lobbying organization in Boston.



Organizes to protect and advocate for greater rights and protections for immigrant women and/or women of color both in the home and in the workplace, and also provide case management and survivor services.



A feminist group that tries to incorporate diverse views from all genders, sexes, races, and cultural backgrounds, to foster a more inclusive, progressive form of feminism.



This map shows the locations of All-Gender bathrooms located on Northeastern campus.