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Responses to the Leaked SCOTUS Draft Opinion Threatening the Future of Roe v. Wade.

Since the opinion from the Supreme Court that threatened the decision made in Roe v. Wade was leaked to Politico many people have been vocal and active in showing their disagreement with the Supreme Court. There have been responses from multiple sources, we have compiled here some recent articles detailing people speaking out against the leaked opinion.

Show the Public be Allowed to Protest Outside of Supreme Court Justices’s Homes?
This News @ Northeastern Article discusses the recent peaceful protests outside of Supreme Court Justices’ homes. The five justices that voted to dismantle Roe have been met with protestors outside their private residences. Many lawmakers responded with condemnation of these protests for fear of the Jurists’ safety, though the protests have been peaceful in nature. 

Boston’s Defend Roe Rally
This Huntington News article details the experience of the recent Abortion Rights Protest held in Boston Common on May 3rd. The Protest was attended by many in our Northeastern community and some have even taken to forming the NU Roe Response Coalition to advocate for abortion rights and bodily autonomy. 

How will the Decision to Overturn Roe v. Wade Impact Other Countries?
This News @ Northeastern article interviews WGSS affiliated faculty and Professor of Law, Martha Davis on the way the decision to overturn Roe v. wade may effect other countries views on abortion. Globally there has been a turn to more liberalized access to abortion and US laws have often been cited by activists and litigators in other countries. This decision would align the US more closely with countries with political trends toward autocracy. 

The Future of Abortions in America
The Cut released an article and interactive map the describes the current situation of Abortion access in the US and what the potential future may look like if the leaked opinion is confirmed. 

Codifying Roe
This News @ Northeastern article features two members of our WGSS faculty Libby Adler and Martha Davis. They discuss the roadblocks facing creating a federal law that would leagalize abortion throughout the US.

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