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Co-Op Spotlight

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WGSS Spring/Summer 1 2020 Co-op Kayleigh BirneyMeet Kayleigh Birney, an English major and Political Science minor and the current Editorial Intern and Assistant Programs Coordinator with Signs and WGSS.

Kayleigh is a third-year undergraduate student at Northeastern University, originally from Houston, Texas. Her coursework includes many different fields of interest, such as WGSS, Literary Studies, and US Policy & government, with a focus on health and welfare policies. Along with these academic interests, she also enjoys creative writing and music. Kayleigh is passionate about the power of storytelling and narratives, especially those of traditionally marginalized and ignored groups. The commitment of Signs and the WGSS program to publishing and teaching about the narratives of women is really exciting to Kayleigh. While on co-op, she hopes to explore the intersection of activism and academia– something she believes is incredibly vital to the conversation surrounding social change and WGSS.

During her time on co-op, Kayleigh plans on pursuing a research project surrounding women and healthcare. She wants to explore the lack of research and information surrounding women’s bodies and specifically how women with chronic illness are mistreated and misdiagnosed by the healthcare system itself. She also wants to focus further on reproductive care and birth control and the lack of research about side effects and long term effects. She hopes to focus on the intersection of chronic illness and birth control to create a meaningful work of research that examines this often ignored aspect of the healthcare system for women, especially women with chronic illness.

When she’s not working in Holmes, Kayleigh spends her time in extracurriculars on campus. She just finished up two semesters serving as an assistant music director and then music director of two full-length musical productions. She also spends time with a songwriting club; both of these activities allow her to pursue her creative passions and explore storytelling from the other side of the table.

Kayleigh is so excited to join the team here at WGSS and Signs!

Published On: January 16, 2020