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“The Transgressive Role of Education: bell hooks’s legacy “ News @ Northeastern

Northeastern’s WGSS associates at Mills college, Wendi Williams (Dean of the school of education at Mills College) and Judith Bishop (Associate professor of history and of women’s, gender, and sexuality studies at Mills College) share their takes on bell hooks’s life and the effect her work had on education. bell hooks was a black feminist writer and intellectual that wrote on issues of class, gender, and race, as well as the effect formal education has in creating spaces for social change. 

“She was writing about the incredible potential of education to be a transgressive space for individuals and society,” Bishop says.

Read more about bell hooks and what Dr. Williams and Professor Bishop have to say on her effect on education here

WGSS is also co-sponsoring a symposium honoring the work of bell hooks. To learn more about the event click here.

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