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Spring 2019


WGSS Parent Courses

WMNS 1103: Intro to WGSS
Professor Margot Abels

WMNS/HIST/SOCL 1350: Feminist Resistance*
Professor Suzanna Walters

WMNS/HIST/SOCL 2303: Gender & Reproductive Justice
Professor Margot Abels

WMNS/HIST 2373: Gender & Sexuality in World History
Professor Laura Frader

WMNS/PHIL/POLS 3500: Sexuality, Gender, and the Law
Professor Libby Adler

*New course!

Cross-listed Courses

SOCL/WMNS 1260: Gender in a Changing Society
Professor Kathrin Zippel

COMM/WMNS 2304: Communication and Gender
Professors Donica O’Malley, Deya Roy, and Darcey Seales

ENGL/WMNS 2451: Postcolonial Women Writers
Professor Nicole Aljoe

HUSV/WMNS 2800: Sexual Orientation & Gender Expression in Public Policy
Professor Margot Abels

CINE/WMNS 3392: Gender and Film
Professor Miriam Tola

HUSV/WMNS 3580: Sexual Violence: Counseling
Professor Stephanie Decandia

THTR 2500/WMNS 2501: Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Women in Theatre
Professor Nancy Kindelan

Affiliated Electives

INPR 2183: Rafiki
Professor Moya Bailey
CRN: 38567

CINE 3500: Film Theory
Professor Nathan Blake

COMM 1131: Sex, Relationships, and Communication
Professor Joseph Schwartz

ENGL 4020: Topics in 17th/18th British Lit: Gender, Sex, and the Renaissance Body
Professor Marina Leslie

NRSG 3302: Nursing with Women and Families
Professors Carol Femia, Barbara Holliday, Mary Mayville, Stacy Waite

PHIL 1280: Encountering Islam: Traditions, Debates, and Cross-cultural Diversity
Professor Mary Kelting


For a list of courses we have offered in the past, please visit https://cssh.northeastern.edu/wgss/course-offering-archive/