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Upcoming Courses

Fall 2018

WGSS & Cross-Listed Courses

WMNS 1103 Intro to WGSS
Professor Moya Bailey

WMNS/POLS/SOCL 3100  Gender, Social Justice, and Transnational Activism
Professor Ivana Isailovic

ANTH/WMNS 2302 Gender and Sexulatiy: a Cross-Cultural Perspective
Professor Carie Hersh

ENGL/JWSS/WMNS 3678 Bedrooms and Battlefields: Hebrew Bible and the Origins of Sex, Gender, and Ethnicity
Professor Lori Lefkovitz

CINE/WMNS 3392 Gender and Film
Professor Miriam Tola

COMM/WMNS 2304 Communication and Gender
Professors Deya Roy and others TBD

CRIM/WMNS 4010 Gender, Crime, and Justice
Professor Ekaterina Botchkovar 

HUSV/WMNS 2800 Sexual Orientation and Gender Expression in Practice and Policy
Professor Margot Abels

HUSV/WMNS 3580 Rape Crisis Training and Counseling
Professor TBD 

PHIL/WMNS 1271 Sex in Islam, Judaism, and Christianity
Professor TBD

SOCL/WMNS 1255 Sociology of the Family
Professor Linda Blum 

SOCL/WMNS 1260 Gender in a Changing Society
Professor Kathrin Zippel 

THTR/WMNS 3200 Queer Theatre and Performance
Professor Scott Edmiston

Affiliated Electives

CINE 3500 Film Theory
Professor Nathan Blake

COMM 1131 Sex, Relationships, and Communication
Professor Joseph Schwartz

NRSG 3302 Nursing Women and Families
Professor Carol Femia

Current Courses

Summer I

WGSS & Cross-Listed Courses 

WMNS 1101 Sex, Gender, and Pop Culture
Professor Margot Abels

COMM/WMNS 2304 Communication & Gender
Professor Sara Stifano

COMM/WMNS 3530 Communication & Sexualities
Professor Joseph Schwartz

ENGL/WMNS 3676 Representing Gender & Sexuality in Literature
Professor Elizabeth Polcha

HUSV/WMNS 2800 Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity in Practice & Policy
Professor Margot Abels

Affiliated Electives

COMM 1131 Sex, Relationships & Communication
Professor Joseph Schwartz

Summer II

Cross-Listed Courses 

COMM/WMNS 2304 Communication & Gender
Professor Bobbi Van Gilder

COMM/WMNS 3530 Communications & Sexualities
Professor Deya Roy

Affiliated Electives

COMM 1131 Sex & Relationships
Professor Deya Roy

INTL 2400 Politics of Islam and Gender
Professor Betul Eksi

POLS 3309 LGBT Issues in Public Policy
Professor Edward Kammerer



For a list of courses we have offered in the past, please visit https://cssh.northeastern.edu/wgss/course-offering-archive/