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WGSS and Africana Studies Professor, Régine Jean-Charles, discusses her third and latest book, “A Trumpet of Conscience for the 21st Century: King’s Call to Justice.”

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Régine Michelle Jean-Charles Director of Africana Studies, Dean's Professor of Culture and Social Justice, and Professor of Africana Studies and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies. Photo by Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University

Inspired by an op-ed she published in 2019 titled, “It’s time to take Martin Luther King Jr. out of the box,” Professor Régine Jean-Charles (Director of Africana Studies, Dean’s Professor of Culture and Social Justice, and Professor of Africana Studies and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies) sets forth a new book which seeks to reimagine Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy from another angle. 

In this article with News @ Northeastern, Dr. Jean-Charles sifts through her thought process for the imaginative book; and with advice from a friend, she decided to focus on his series of lectures, The Trumpet of Conscience, that Dr. King delivered in 1967 for the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. 

“These were movements that I taught about … So I really wanted to use The Trumpet of Conscience as a lens for looking at these movements.”

Professor Régine Jean-Charles for News @ Northeastern

In this new book, Dr. Jean-Charles wants people to think of Dr. King beyond his dream legacy, and reflect on how his other messages connect to our contemporary social justice movements. Read the full article here, and purchase a copy of Dr. Jean-Charles’ book here.

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