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WGSS Minor Ren Birnholz Advocates for All at the White House

In a recent News@Northeastern article, Ren Birnholz—a fourth-year student and WGSS minor—details their trip to the White House where they took part in a reproductive justice discussion with Vice President Kamala Harris.

Access to abortion is indisputably a women’s rights issue, but it is not only a women’s rights issue. Women have historically led the effort for abortion access, and it disproportionately impacts cisgender women, but we cannot forget that this issue also impacts members of the transgender and gender nonconforming communities.

Ren Birnholz, fourth-year student and WGSS minor

Ren Birnholz was an outspoken advocate for installing contraceptive vending machines on campus and their contributions to the effort were instrumental. They are also the president of NU SHARE—a club dedicated to providing education and resources on sexual-health-related topics.

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