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National Italian Exam 2020 (NIE)
Since 2018, prof. Gina Maiellaro is the acting director of the National Italian Exam, the official AATI national language contest held among middle and high school students. Every year about 5,500 students of Italian take the NIE nationwide. Following a substantial revision of the old exam, prof. Maiellaro worked on a national project that sought to align it with the ACTFL Performance Descriptors and the 2012 ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines.  The NIE is therefore not only as an assessment tool, that can provide teachers and students with diagnostic feedback and positive washback to help inform high school instruction and curricula, it is also a way to give visibility and for promoting Italian programs in North American schools. The NIE provides an excellent opportunity to highlight students’ success offering an extensive regional and national prize program to award different abilities and to celebrate their accomplishments. For more information on the NIE, please visit this website


Conference Presentations  2019

In fall 2019, prof. Gina Maiellaro participated to the Italian Language and Culture Conference: Challenges in the 21st Century Italian Classroom organized by Georgetown University with a paper that explored the nature and the learning objectives of intercultural competence in the Italian language curriculum. 

Gina Maiellaro, La competenza comunicativa interculturale nel curricolo di italiano LS: definizione degli obiettivi e delle pratiche glottodidattiche. Italian Language and Culture Conference: Challenges in the 21st Century Italian Classroom. Georgetown University. October 26th, 2019.  

During spring 2019, prof. Gina Maiellaro was invited to give a talk on the National Italian Exam at the Annual AATI (American Association of Teachers of Italian) Conference. The paper focused on description of the exam construct, the development process (national surveys, piloting stage, statistical analysis, etc.) and the washback effect on pedagogy and curriculum, in particular on the uses of the exam results for addressing students’ needs to maximize their learning in the classroom and beyond.

Gina Maiellaro, Moving Toward Proficiency: Exploring the AATI Italian National Exam. AATI National Convention, Marist College. June 1st, 2019.


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